You could be the leader of tomorrow in your own field of endeavor by using Coscend's pioneering innovation, 'Software Service Factory'.

Like-minded efforts towards a larger goal and vision

"I was limited to a world of software coding, technical management and customer deliveries.  I was looking to combine independent thinking with other like-minded efforts towards a larger goal and vision.  Coscend has broadened my perspective with a more collaborative approach to target much greater goals at professional and societal levels."

Susheel Jalali

Global Customer Operations and Engineering Leader

A whole new arena

"I have been in my own little world for 20 of my 40 years of experience.  Coscend is pulling me out of this little world to learn how the world has evolved.  This is a whole new arena."

Harold Harrison

Vice President, Media and Resourcing Operations

Do something in the world, in my career

"If I have to do something in the world, in my career, this [Coscend] is the opportunity.  ... This is a lifetime opportunity."

Jay Charavda

Member, Architects' Guild

Coscend is a feeling

"It is our passion that binds us together.  It is peace of mind that our customers and associates receive.  We would receive money, profits and similar things.  But it is the yearning for independence that brought me to Coscend.  Coscend is a feeling."

Arun Sastry

Member, Incubators' Guild

Empowers me to contribute to the global community

"Coscend helps me live a life to serve others."

Hemant K. Sabat

Chief Evangelist

Once in a lifetime opportunity

"It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Before joining Coscend, I was a frog in a well.  At my previous company, it took 13 years for my colleague to advance from Consultant to Manager.

Coscend helps me
expedite my career growth."

Shankar Venkata

Member, Architects' Guild

New technologies...Free training...Exposure

"As Coscend is a fast-growth company, their projects are of high quality and cutting edge.  This has helped me learn new areas.  Whatever I am learning in this part-time work, I am able to use it in my full-time work.  This is a free training from extremely experienced people who have worked in several countries around the world.  It provides me exposure to business areas."

Ritu Sabat

Member, Architects' Guild